1. Project Name: Local Government Enhancement Sector Project
2. Project Number: 42459-013
3. Loan Number: Loan 2790-SRI
4. Country: Sri Lanka 5. Department/Division: South Asia Department/Urban Development and Water Division
6. Sector Classification:
Transport, and information and communication technology Road transport
Water supply and other municipal infrastructure and services Water supply and sanitation
Other municipal services
Urban sector development
Waste management
7. Thematic Classification:
Social development Human development
Governance Public administration (national, decentralized, and regional)
Capacity development Institutional development
7a. Climate Change Impact: No Climate Change Indicator available.

7b. Gender Mainstreaming

Gender equity theme (GEN)
Effective gender mainstreaming (EGM)
Some gender benefits (SGB)
No gender elements (NGE)
8. Targeting Classification:

Targeted Intervention
Geographic dimensions of inclusive growth Millennium development goals Income poverty at household level
9. Location Impact:
National Low
Rural Medium
Urban Medium
10. Project Risk Categorization: Low
11. Safeguards Categorization:

Environment B
Involuntary resettlement B
Indigenous peoples B
12. ADB Financing:
Sovereign Sector loan Asian Development Fund 59.0
Sovereign Capacity development technical assistance Technical Assistance Special Fund 0.5
Total 59.5
13. Cofinancing: No Cofinancing available.
14. Counterpart Financing:
Government 9.8
Total 9.8


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